MSRTC Provides you a Safe and Comfortable Journey
12.03.2014 15:26

                                                 MSRTC | Image Resource : telecomlead.com

Like every state in India, Maharashtra also has its own state buses running to every nook and corner in the state. MSRTC stands for Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation and was introduced in 1948 o provide a safe transport to the people of Maharashtra at affordable rates. The corporation has one of the largest fleet of buses in India and carries about 7 million passengers daily over 17,000 routes. Other than offering service inside the state, it also operates bus service to the neighboring states. Udaipur, Bangalore, Bhopal and Raipur are some of the destinations outside Maharashtra.

The buses run by the corporation are well-maintained and provided with all latest technologies and facilities. You have the option to book tickets online on the buses by logging on to the official website of the corporation and also on other travel and tourism websites. Online booking is possible from 00.30 hrs to 23.30 hours on all week days. Senior citizens and students are provided concessions when they travel in these buses. Season tickets are available for the frequent travelers. When you book online, you get a lot of offers like discounts, cash back offers and so on.

There is a wide range of buses run by MSRTC, catering to the requirements of the commuters. There are ordinary buses and slightly advances ones called Privartan. Asiad is a fleet of semi-luxury buses, while Shivneri and Ashwamedh are air conditioned luxury buses. Sheetal is a semi luxury bus, which is air-conditioned and offers a comfortable journey to the travelers.


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